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The Most Skilled Builder in America.

We are at the beginning of the largest wave of infrastructure construction in human history. According to the UN, three-quarters of the infrastructure that will exist in 2050 has yet to be built. At the same time, participation in the skilled trades has been declining for years, and won’t keep pace with demand. At Sundt, we believe the best way to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead starts with investing in people. We invest by spreading interest and awareness of the lifelong career opportunities available in the industry; by providing and supporting technical education programs; by helping to launch the careers of those who are just starting out in the field; and by continuing to support them throughout their careers as they become the leaders and mentors of the next generation of skilled builders.

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Sundt is the most skilled builder in America. We thrive on complexity and excel at solving problems – the tougher, the better. We perform work in more than a dozen major trades with our own highly skilled crews. From estimators to engineers, project managers to pipefitters, our people bring exceptional skill and quality to their work – every project, every day. All of that starts with quality education, training, and mentorship.


Sundt’s Training Facility and Center for Craft Excellence

Building the most skilled workforce in the industry means hiring passionate people and then supporting their ongoing development with state-of-the-art training facilities, instructors and programs. First established in 2014 and then fully renovated with brand new 2024 European Cup Score Betting Platformbuildings and facilities in 2023, the heart of our training and development program is the Sundt Training Center and Center for Craft Excellence. Here professionals from all construction career paths are equipped with the tools and the training they need to start their career, get to the next level, or grow into a leadership role.


We believe in spreading awareness of construction careers in students of all ages, and we believe that partnerships with local colleges, departments of education, trade associations and community groups are the best way to do that. Sundt participates in dozens of skill-building and career awareness events each year, from local schools in the states where we operate to the national scale, engaging kids, parents, and everyone in between. Sundt helped develop and is on the steering committee of Build Your Future AZ. We established our first education partnership program with Central Arizona College (CAC) back in 2017, and are proud of how that program has developed to become a model for collaboration in training and development.

Launching Careers

Sundt’s Internship & Apprenticeship Programs

Developing the next generation of skilled builders means helping people get started in all construction careers, whether in the skilled trades or in engineering and preconstruction services. With 35 university partners and an 83% full-time hire rate for our interns, Sundt’s internship program provides an unmatched early career experience for students. Once hired on full-time, new field engineers can take part in our Field Engineer Boot Camp. As an NCCER accredited training sponsor and assessment center, Sundt also offers three key Department of Labor-approved apprenticeship programs. Mixing hands-on project experience and classroom learning, Sundt kickstarts careers for both craft and admin professionals.

Our Nationally Recognized

Apprenticeship Programs

Our craft training and apprenticeship programs 2024 European Cup Betting Websiteutilize the NCCER’s nationally recognized curriculum for all training programs including heavy equipment operation, industrial carpentry, pipe fitting, welding and ironworking. These programs are also certified by the Department of Labor in three states: Arizona, Oregon, and Florida. Earning regular wages throughout the program, graduates receive credentials through the NCCER and a Certificate of Apprenticeship from the state in which they completed the program. In Arizona, we also offer our industrial carpentry and pipefitting training programs after hours to help support working parents and others that can’t attend daytime classes.

Developing Leaders

Training Beyond the Basics

We aren’t just working to teach people the tools of the trade, we’re developing the leadership and problem solving skills necessary to tackle the toughest construction challenges, safely and with unparalleled quality. For those with more experience, we have programs like Core Craft, Craft Voice in Safety (CVIS), Fundamentals of Crew Leadership, Foreman Development Program, Industrial Field Management, and Manager Effectiveness Training. Through these programs we help ensure employee-owners are successful in their new roles as they achieve their ambitions, all the while improving outcomes for our clients and communities. In turn, these new leaders become the mentors and teachers for the next generation.

Strength in Diversity

The Workforce of the Future Must Be Inclusive

Meeting the workforce challenges ahead means encouraging people across demographics and with non-traditional backgrounds to consider construction careers—careers that they may not have pictured themselves in before. Sundt is committed to building a workforce that reflects the diverse communities where we operate. By fostering an inclusive environment and taking an intentional approach to connecting people across our organization with meaningful training and development opportunities, we’ve seen first-hand how diversity strengthens our teams and our communities.

People first

The Employee-Ownership Culture that Drives Us

Sundt is 100% employee-owned, and that doesn’t just mean among our leadership — everyone that works at Sundt can participate. Our investors are the people who come to work every day, so our decisions are never about quick returns. Instead, we focus on building long-term prosperity for our clients, communities and employee-owners. That’s why this topic is so critical to us. That shared prosperity rests on the skilled work of the men and women at our jobsites and in our offices. In order to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead and build the world that future generations deserve, we invest in people first and foremost, 2024 European Cup Football Match Predictionsfrom the first spark of passion for the industry, through the early launch of their career, through their development into leaders and mentors in their field.


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