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Leading by Example

 We believe safety is not the absence of incidents, but instead, the identification, implementation and execution of controls. As a two-time winner of the AGC’s National Construction Safety Excellence Award (CSEA), Sundt continues to develop progressive and innovative safety programs. Over the past decade, the industry’s average recordable injury rate (RIR) has gone down, but its fatalities have remained steady. It’s this gap that Sundt is looking to close through our safety framework, the Sh*t That Can Kill You (STCKY).


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Sundt’s safety program takes a people-based approach to why we work safe. Beyond comprehensive safety training for our employees, we focus on our reasons to stay safe: family, friends, and health. By emphasizing great safety choices and providing recognition to those who make them, we maintain a positive safety culture while improving Sundt’s overall safety performance.

With that, we’re educating our workforce on STCKY so that Sundt employee-owners and trade partners are more aware of fatal hazards. We maintain our daily goal of zero STCKY injuries, but with an added emphasis on the most dangerous construction activities, or the “Fatal 8” hazards.

“Sundt’s safety program is unique because of the trust it builds between employee-owners. The safety culture is contagious; we genuinely want each other to be safe.”
Eduardo Figueroa, Foreman
“I chose Sundt because of their safety program. I like that Sundt offers the mental health hotline; we need to take care of ourselves on and off the jobsite and Sundt promotes that.”
Gustavo Emiliano, Laborer


When a STCKY incident occurs—involving a “Fatal 8” hazard—we measure it in one of three categories. The goal is to increase our STCKY Success rate while decreasing rates of STCKY Luck and STCKY Injury. Whether a high-energy incident involves adequate controls in place (STCKY Success) or a high-energy incident without adequate controls (STCKY Luck or STCKY Injury), we are tracking it. STCKY data provide a broader context for incidents, in addition to our Total Incident Rate (TIR) and Recordable Incident Rate (RIR).