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Today microchips can be found in everything from fighter jets to smartphones to home appliances. They are a vital enabler technology that makes modern life 2024 European Cup Score Betting Platformpossible. The semiconductor manufacturing industry has seen seismic shifts in recent years from advancements in technology and new materials. With our experience in this market, Sundt understands that the facilities that make these chips must be as dynamic and adaptable as the companies that operate them.



ENR Top Contractor


ENR Top Contractor

2 million

Man-hours with zero deficient-work notices on recent $422 million project


Sundt has the capabilities to build on aggressive schedules without disrupting operations or sacrificing on quality. Our experience includes everything from automated transport corridors to support infrastructure, to ultra-clean water treatment, to installing equipment and tools in clean room environments. We enable semiconductor manufacturers to add capacity, improve efficiency, and mitigate their environmental impacts, all while gaining a faster return on their investment.

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