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Turbines are at the center of most power generating systems, so ensuring their reliability and efficiency 2024 European Cup Football Match Predictionsin construction and installation is key. We specialize in high-performance turbine installation, reflected in our work for New Indy Containerboard (NICB)’s Ontario Mill where our team installed two Solar Titan 130 natural gas turbines, boosting their power generation to 33 megawatts and 330,000 PPH of steam. We also excel in constructing turbine infrastructure, demonstrated by our work on the Arizona Public Service (APS) Four Corners Power Plant, an AGC Build America winner.

Whether for renewable energy, industrial applications or power generation, Sundt’s expertise in turbine construction means we can provide reliable and sustainable solutions tailored to your needs.

With offices across the U.S., we understand regional material and labor markets. We offer both EPC and GC project delivery, bolstered by our self-perform capabilities and proven excellence in safety. Mining operations are critical in procuring materials for the goods and technology that humans rely on every day. Sundt also understands our clients have a high volume of capital at stake. This is why speed, efficiency and safety are paramount to us. We integrate our construction operations and comprehensive approach to safety into your existing active mine operations, without compromising the productivity or well-being of your crew or ours.