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As a two-time winner of the AGC’s National Construction Safety Excellence Award (CSEA), Sundt continues to develop progressive and innovative safety programs.

Oftentimes our work is performed at active plants that need to remain operational through construction. This means navigating the additional hazards that go along with working around delicate chemical processes and equipment. We believe safety is not the absence of incidents, but instead, the identification, implementation and execution of controls. We ensure that everything remains operational while we work while also keeping everyone safe.


We help minimize your capital costs and expedite return on investment.

The need for expanded capacity or new processing capabilities is often driven by market opportunity, revenue generation, lifecycle costs or increased efficiencies. Whatever your needs, our goal is to minimize capital costs and help generate return on investment as soon as possible. From the moment you decide to make a CapEx investment, every hour of downtime affects your bottom line. Our vast self-perform capabilities, skilled workforce and reputation for maximum planning and scheduling efficiency ensure that you can get your product to market with cost certainty and predictable outcomes.


We value transparency, efficiency and quality.

Sundt has project experience across various plant types and chemical processing facilities. In addition to our experience, we give owners unmatched transparency over quality, schedules and budgets. Our self-perform capabilities are bolstered by our comprehensive training programs that ensure that your project is staffed with the most skilled craft workforce. Coupled with our experience with fast-track schedules, our clients see a return on investment sooner.