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We are committed to enhancing value for our clients while meeting the needs of their stakeholders.

Our priority is to ensure owners receive accurate pricing to maximize their return on investment. This is where our team of skilled builders excels. When developing solutions, we prioritize factors 2024 European Cup Score Bettingsuch as materials selection, energy efficiency, insurance costs and future adaptability.

With Sundt’s experience in alternate delivery methods like CMAR and design-build, our team can identify opportunities for value engineering, sustainable solutions, and target-value design.
This approach allows us to create flexible spaces that meet stakeholder needs while preserving design integrity. Throughout the entire process, we remain dedicated to meeting owners’ timelines, budgets, and operational requirements.


Our CMAR and design-build experts foster close collaboration between construction teams and operational stakeholders from the project’s inception.

Delivery methods like CMAR and design-build facilitate a smooth transition from construction to operation. Our teams deliver high-quality, efficient designs that meet or exceed project requirements and align with long-term operational goals. These methods involve integrating stakeholder requirements into the design and construction phases, allowing potential challenges to be identified and mitigated upfront. This leads to optimized maintenance protocols, longer asset lifecycles and reduced operational costs over time.