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Employee Ownership

When every employee is also an owner, every decision is built on value,
purpose and pride in a job well done.

Building Pride

Sundt is one of the leading employee-owned companies in the country: 7th-largest in construction, No. 49 of more than 6,500 overall. And unlike most, we are 100 percent employee-owned – from our skilled craft professionals to our administrative staff.

Investing in Quality

Because our only investors are the people who come to work every day, our decisions are never about quick returns. Instead, we focus on building long-term prosperity for our clients, communities and employee-owners. According to research cited by NCEO.org, studies of Employee Stock Ownership Programs (ESOPs) in closely held companies show that, relative to comparable companies, ESOP companies’ sales, employment, and productivity grow about two percent to three percent faster per year. Sundt is no exception to this growth trend, and our employee-owners and the people they build for continue to reap the benefits.

BuilT On Purpose®

At the same time, we understand that employee-ownership is about more than personal gain. As owners, we take great pride in our work. And when everyone has a real stake in who we are and how we’re known, it brings a deeper sense of purpose to everything we do.

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