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Over a history of more than 3,000 completed projects, Sundt has earned a reputation for our ability to deliver on-time and on-budget, bringing cutting-edge technologies and extensive self-perform capabilities to all markets.

Acting as a true partner to owners and stakeholders, our work in alternate delivery methods adds value through development, design, scheduling and value engineering, as well as constructability and quality reviews.

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Sundt has been a leader in delivering projects in our markets utilizing the design-build delivery method for over three decades. Our design and construction process produces a more efficient and constructible design, greater value, faster delivery and a more innovative, higher-quality project outcome.

Additionally, we have built our organization around developing leaders to employ this efficient, collaborative, innovative, risk mitigating delivery method. Our reputation as a leader in design-build gives us the benefit of attracting high-performing employees, design partners, consultants and subcontractors to overcome an owner’s challenges and risks in delivering critical projects to the communities in which we work.

We work to educate our clients, partners and industry to improve the implementation of the design-build delivery method. We have also led efforts in developing model legislation and contracts for every owner to get the most out of design-build. Sundt is the only design-build contractor to have two employees elected as President of the national Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) by our industry peers.

As a construction manager at risk (CMAR) or construction manager/general contractor (CMGC), Sundt employs the same collaborative, innovative and risk-mitigating strategies that we use with design-build work. We develop and employ the same project leaders to produce predictable results for our clients.

It is our belief the only difference between CMAR or CMGC and a design-build delivery is who owns the contract with the design professional. With both processes, our clients 2024 European Cup Football Match Predictionsexpect the same level of collaboration, value and trust to produce the results required to meet their needs.

In P3 projects, Sundt partners with public-sector entities to assume substantial financial, technical and operational risks of the project within a wide range of contractual approaches. Regardless of approach, P3s transfer to the developer and contractor many risk elements traditionally shouldered by the public sector.

P3s also use a performance-based approach to technical and operational specifications, creating more opportunities for innovation. We work with clients to understand the goals and objectives of their projects and to identify the best approach for optimizing value through a P3 delivery.

Sundt performs Design-Bid-Build, the oldest and most well known contracting method for construction projects, which is still popular with many owners. With Design-Bid-Build, the contractor does not enter the process until after the design is complete.

Sundt also works in a Build-to-Suit or Lease-Leaseback delivery method. Through this delivery method, clients can occupy a new building, designed and constructed to their specifications, with no initial capital outlay.

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Sundt Projects Using CMAR or Design-Build


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  • Preconstruction Planning & Design

    Sundt’s preconstruction planning and design services, available under any delivery method, leverage our proprietary database of more than three thousand project histories. Using that information, we can create highly accurate cost models and schedules that provide a road map for the entire project team—a critical advantage when making decisions about major systems, materials and equipment.

    Other preconstruction services include site evaluations, feasibility studies, value engineering and assistance in design team selection.

  • Our program management services further help owners by taking on responsibility for the planning and design phases of single or multiple projects, in addition to construction. With institutional knowledge from more than 125 years of experience, Sundt offers not only expertise but also bandwidth, a resource that eludes many project owners.

  • 2024 European Cup Betting PredictionsFrontline Construction Technologies (FCT) exists to create industry-leading digital and physical products based on Sundt’s building skills. Leveraging our deep knowledge of the construction process and modern technology development, FCT builds tools to scale the skill of Sundt’s frontline builders. Whether automating edge form design and creation through robotics, tools to manage an equipment fleet or bringing new efficiencies to the commissioning process, FCT connects the frontlines of construction with easy-to-use technology tools that drive efficiency. We deliver the best tools for the most skilled builder in America.