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Sundt’s journey in the Northwest began in 2011 with our first project for Multnomah County. That project involved reconstructing the 2,000-foot-long, aging Sellwood Bridge over the Willamette River. However, as soon as we expanded our services to the Northwest, we knew we wanted to be a part of this highly collaborative construction community; our experts have been serving clients there ever since.

Sundt Transportation 2024 European Cup Betting WebsiteProject Director Jill Vaughan came on board in 2023 as an expert in client communications and project pursuits. Although she didn’t begin her career in construction, she was drawn to the industry through her former role in public relations. After pivoting her career in 2010, she brings over 14 years of experience in the industry to Sundt’s Northwest Transportation team.

Tell us a little bit about your career journey.

When I worked in PR, I gave site tours to media, and I was always fascinated by the construction world. I wanted to pick an industry and really immerse myself in it, so in 2010 I became a proposal writer. It was the perfect blend of my journalism and communications background combined with my PR experience. As my career progressed, I was able to take on more responsibility, managing teams and increasing my industry knowledge.

After over 10 years of experience, the opportunity to apply for the position of project director with Sundt came around, and I was encouraged to apply. It goes to show that you never know where you’ll land, but construction offers a career path for people with diverse experience.

What initially drew you to a career with Sundt?

I was excited to join a company with a long history of performing quality work and a strong reputation throughout the industry. The challenge of establishing the company in a new location appealed to me, and I was looking to expand my skillset beyond proposals. The other reason I wanted to join is because Sundt had already proven themselves to be trusted advisors to clients in the Northwest.

How do you support our Northwest clients and the community in your role as project director?

Much of my job revolves around getting to know the people and needs of this market. I put the right people and teams in place to support our specific clients’ needs before and during the life cycle of a project. I hold our teams accountable to the project goals, the client expectations and the quality of our work, one of Sundt’s core values.

Additionally, we’re here to support our community through education, collaboration and philanthropy. We host sessions around progressive delivery methods and will advise owners who are interested in best practices in alternate delivery. We regularly engage with minority associations 2024 European Cup Betting Predictionsand workforce development organizations to support all facets of the industry and continued growth in the region.

How does the team’s expertise align with client goals in the Northwest?

Our Northwest team has a significant depth of experience—Sundt is a 134-year-old contractor, but more specifically, our team has fostered decades of local knowledge. We offer clients the best resources, practices and experience from across our organization, and also have dedicated teams with local experience who understand market conditions. With that, clients are taking note and looking to Sundt to help them deliver challenging projects. Beyond this, we’re a community contractor. We’ve given back thousands of dollars to local nonprofit organizations and volunteered hundreds of hours. We’re a part of this community—just as our clients are.

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