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Each year, the construction industry kicks off May by celebrating Construction Safety Week, whose mission is to strengthen the industry’s safety culture. It empowers our construction workforce to speak up about potential hazards.

At Sundt, we celebrate Construction Safety Week with STCKY (S#*! That Can Kill You) Week, which highlights Sundt’s Stop the STCKY program and provides our jobsites with education around high-energy hazards (STCKY).

First in Innovation

For over 10 years, Sundt’s safety program, “Safety by Choice” strived to exceed industry standards for safety. However, in 2019, we recognized the recordable injury rate (RIR) had steadily decreased, but fatalities have not.

To understand how we can prevent those results, our experts began examining every incident, every outcome, our safety belief system and our assumptions 2024 European Cup Betting Websiteabout safety. The result? Stop the STCKY.

“Stop the STCKY innovates traditional rules-based compliance programs by leveraging the principles of energy-based safety and human performance,” said Vice President and Corporate Director of HS&E Paul Levin. “We believe Stop the STCKY can disrupt the plateau and redefine safety in our industry.”

Stop the STCKY is constructed to mitigate STCKY hazards through identification, implementation, and execution of direct controls and safeguards.

Some of the metrics we’re tracking include: total incident rate; STCKY success; STCKY versus non-STCKY incident; STCKY walks (high energy control assessment); stop work rate; and energy based index.

The program was recently the first place recipient for an Innovation Award at the 2024 Associated General Contractor’s (AGC) of America annual convention.

“Sundt’s goal is for construction companies to question traditional lagging indicators as a measure of success and to start integrating modern day construction beliefs and actions (Stop the STCKY) to drive modern day metrics.”

Learn more about how you can Stop the STCKY.